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Fish on a Hitch

15 Oct 2011, Posted by The Fly Trout in Sounds Fishy

Yesterday on my way to work I saw this SUV with something on the ball hitch that moved and lit up when the brakes were stepped on. I never got close enough to see exactly what it was, but I thought since it was nearing Halloween that it was a rat that shook its behind and whose eyes lit up with red LED lights when the driver braked. The next day I saw the same exactly vehicle about the same exact time, but this time I pulled right up behind it and saw exactly what it was. It was a fish with its mouth on the ball hitch! When the brakes were stepped on the eyes of the fish lit up and the fish’s tail shook back and forth. When I got to work I looked it up and what I saw was called a “hitch critter.” I ended up on to see that there are seven different critters you can put on your hitch.
Flopping Bass
If I see this again I will try to take some video!

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