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100% All Natural Christmas Tree

16 Dec 2012, Posted by The Fly Trout in Not Fishing

I haven’t had a real live Christmas tree since I was a kid. Since being married with children we have been putting up the fake ones. Don’t get me wrong they look nice and all, but nothing beats a real, piney-fresh tree inside your house. Last weekend I decided, with the approval of the boss (my wife), that we were going to get a real tree this year. And to take it up a notch, we were going to cut it down ourselves in the National Forest!!

After getting our $10 permit, we started up the road into the forest where the tree cutting was allowed. I kept noticing that the trees people had on the top of their cars were kind of crappy looking. My wife and I agreed that those people didn’t take their time and that we would be able to find something better. We found a nice place to park and the hunt was on.

After just a few minutes of searching we understood why the trees we saw others driving away with didn’t look so great. The natural trees that grow in the forest are not quite what you would find at a tree lot in the city, to say the least. We did hike around for an hour or so searching for the hidden gem, but the cold and wind began to hamper they boys’ tree-hunting spirit. So we picked the best Charlie Brown Christmas tree we could find and chopped that bad boy down. It may not be the most beautiful or full Christmas tree, but it is our tree and we couldn’t be any happier with it! Merry Christmas and Stay Fly.

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