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What’s the Happs?

24 Jan 2013, Posted by The Fly Trout in Not Fishing

It’s been a bit since the last post so here’s a little update. I have not fished since last month because of several factors holidays, work, bitter cold, ect. I know excuses, excuses. I do plan to get out there on the weekend. The last time I did go I got skunked so here’s hoping I make it out and actually catch something besides a cold.

I have though in my spare time been working on making a bow. A buddy of my let me try out one of his long bows and after doing a bunch of research I found out that regular people like you and me can build them! I am not quite finished, but when I do finish I hope to do some turkey hunting and maybe snag a bird for a great meal and a ton of feathers for fly tying. Here are a couple pictures of how it’s coming along. I’ll post some more when I’m finished.

Also, I have been working on some more t-shirt designs that should be showing up in the shop starting next week. In addition to the new shirts we will be offering beanies with the Fly Trout Colorado logo on them. Hopefully those will be out next week also. Here is a prototype of the beanies.

Lots of new stuff in the works, so stay posted and Stay Fly.

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