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Camping on the Conejos

03 Jul 2013, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

Over the weekend the family and I went down south to meet my dad and his girlfriend for some camping and some fly fishing. Last year we had a great time camping right off the Conejos River so we decided to repeat. This year, like last, we had some rain showers which were nice for keeping the temperature down, but did limit the time on the water. In the morning before the rains came there were some pretty nice Green Drake hatches. Funny thing is that I didn’t catch a thing during those hatches! I couldn’t set a hook to save my life. I had a ton of strikes over the weekend but I was only able to bring one into my net, and that was at dusk right when the rain stopped with very few bugs on the water. Here are some pictures from the trip. Stay fly.

Checking out the river with my Trout Names shirt and blue hat.

View of the river from above.

Tying up some bugs at the campsite.

My dad’s sweet camo popup tent. He did that himself!

Having a brew on the river.

The only fish landed all weekend.

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