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Free Camping, Fly Tying and Fly Fishing

29 Jul 2013, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin', Tying Flies

The weekend before last we packed up the kids and dogs and decided to camp somewhere we had never been. We drove up north past the quaint little town of Granby to Denver Creek Campground. When we arrived we weren’t that impressed so we decided to head up a forest road and find a free spot in the national forest. And boy did we find something good! This spot had a nice fire ring, some logs that were perfect for tables and a noisy little stream just down the hill to lull us to sleep at night. Camping in the forest as opposed to a paid campground is the way to go. The dogs can roam free and there’s not a soul around. Here are some shots from the trip. Stay Fly.

No leash necessary. This dude loves to run.

This little creek flowed about 50 yards away from our tent. No luck fishing here but we did have some luck at the bigger creek down the road.

Mountain sunsets can be pretty amazing.

Tying up some bugs at the campfire with my Colorado Cap and my Colorado brew …

…and the finished products.

Fly fishing lessons.

Nice little brookies in Willow Creek. This muchacho has a Troutstache.

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