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My Sweet Summer is Gone

24 Sep 2014, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

All winter I look forward to summer for camping and warm weather fly fishing. Pretty much every weekend was filled with one of the two or both. I had planned on posting about every trip, but between printing and shipping t-shirts, tying flies, and the trips themselves, there just wasn’t enough time! So here is a bunch of photos from the summer. Stay Fly.

Jason starts off the Summer with a nice bow and his Colorado hat.

Vinny catching one on the fly.

About a million bluegills were caught that day.

Nice hike with the family.

Jason with a little brown in his Trout Names Trucker.

Vinny showing off a stocker at Hahn’s Peak Lake.

Early morning bow.

Breakfast is ready.

Nice cutt in the Grand Mesa.

Girls fish too!

Bringing local brew to the mountains.

A boy and his brookie.

Tangled up beaver pond bow.

Big bows live in Spinney Mountain.

Jimmy posing in front of his grandpa’s camo pop-up.

Sweet looking brookie.

Shiny little brown.

The Ark.

Small creeks and glass rods are a blast.

This dude looks like he was hand-painted.

Camp nachos.

Pajama fishing. To infinity and beyond!

Beer. It’s what’s for breakfast.

Campfire carving.

Rainbows on a sunny day.

A little whiskey by the fire.

Get that fire going.

Ending the summer on some hoppers!

Now it’s time for some fall fishing. Peace out summer.

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