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Elk Hair Caddis + Pheasant Tail + Super Duper = 7

11 Sep 2011, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'


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This morning I decided to head out to the relatively close, yet not as popular Clear Creek today. Many fly fisherman don’t go to Clear Creek because a) there are mostly smaller fish and b) it is located right next to the highway. I like going to this creek because on good days you can really slay the fish. Today I asked my buddy Esteban to come fishing with me. He is not really into fly fishing so he brought his spin rod and fished with lures.

I have always had pretty good luck with Elk Hair Caddis at this river so that is what I tied on first. After a few casts, blam yao, fish on!! He wasn’t that big, but none really are here. After fishing for a little bit and catching a couple more on the caddis I wasn’t getting many more takes. Meanwhile, Esteban wasn’t having much luck with the lures because the water was moving pretty quick. He tried fishing in a slower pool with a silver Super Duper and what do you know some crazy little fish liked the bling.

Since caddis wasn’t working as much, I switched over to a Pheasant Tail nymph with an orange Thingamabobber as my indicator. After about two casts I had a fish go after the Thingamabobber and take my nymph at the exact same time! Normally on a day like this I would use a dry fly as my indicator, but I was feeling a little lazy to tie that one. It would have been pretty sweet to catch two fish on one cast.

All in all we landed 7 fish in just a few hours. Not as crazy as I have seen in the past but still a fun day at the creek.


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