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Three Skunks and You’re Out

23 May 2012, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

This past weekend I went to the famed Cheesman Canyon to fly fish the South Platte River. For the third time this year I saw many large trout and also for the third time this year I was skunked in the Canyon! It’s quite frustrating to see so many beautiful fish ignore what you are offering. Even though I didn’t catch anything, it was still nice to be out on the water.

It’s hard to see, but in that clear water there is a fish that was unwilling to cooperate.

The weather was just about perfect on Sunday.

My buddy Esteban before he knew he would have to hold up a giant boulder on the hike back.

That rock is larger than a house.

Check out the close up. He was not really holding up the boulder.

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