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Trout Brunch

02 Apr 2013, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

Saturday morning I went up to Bear Creek and started fishing around 9. For the first two and half hours nothing. No catches, no bites, nothing. At about 10:30ish I make my way towards part of the creek that is near the road and I run into this man and his teenage son. He was friendly enough and asks how the fishing is.

I said “so far it’s really slow.” He said “lemme take a look at what you are using.” I showed him my set up. A little comparadun, which I put on there as my indicator, and a mercury baetis nymph. He then proceeds to tell me “That’s too big. Midges are what you need to be using. Yeah midges.” I was like “I tried some midges earlier and didn’t have any luck so I have been switching it up.” Then he was like “They’re eating midges right now. I think you should switch to midges. Yeah maybe you should try up at Lair O the Bear (which is just a little up the road) you might have better luck up there.”

Now believe me I am no expert fly fisherman and I welcome all the helpful tips I can get, but the way he kept saying the word midges, just really got under my skin! After about an hour of intentionally not using any midges, I switched back to a blood midge and after like 10 casts, fish on. I am not sure what the moral of the story is but, it seems that trout like brunch because they didn’t start eating until the late morning and they dined on some eggs and bloody midges! Stay fly.

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