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What do you consider getting skunked?

13 Aug 2017, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

Is it considered getting skunked when you don’t catch any fish? Or is it considered getting skunked when you don’t have any takes? What if you have a couple fish on, but never land any? I’d venture to guess that most would say that if you don’t net a single fish, no matter how many bites you have or how many fish you have on the line, you got skunked. The real question though is did you have a good time? Did you have fun being on the water and getting away from everyday life?
Today was one of those days where I didn’t net a single fish. I did, however, have plenty of action. Bites, takes, fish on the line, blah, blah, blah. It was just one of those days where I was just a little off. A little slow on my hook sets and a little fast in trying to bring fish to net.
Sometimes I leave the water and I am disappointed that I didn’t catch any. But today, when I was finished I didn’t really feel any disappointment. I felt satisfied. I enjoyed getting out there on the river and breathing that fresh mountain air. So if you ask me if I got skunked today, I’d say yeah I did. But I had a great time in the process!! Stay Fly.

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