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Premium T-Shirts

08 May 2014, Posted by The Fly Trout in Not Fishing

Here at The Fly Trout we believe in quality and delivering the best product to our customers. Up to now most of our t-shirts have been printed on a soft, comfortable Anvil t-shirt. A very nice feeling and high-quality shirt that fit nicely and looked great with our designs. We are very happy with that shirt, but have decided go a step up and switch our t-shirt blanks to American Apparel. American Apparel shirts are among the top in quality and they are produced here in the United States, 100% sweat-shop free. Being an American company ourselves, we pride ourselves in creating our products here and are excited to use American-made materials. It will take some time to transition all of our t-shirts to American Apparel and eliminate our previous stock. So in the meantime we will be offering some of our designs in both brands of blanks.

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