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A Couple of Firsts

13 May 2015, Posted by The Fly Trout in Gone Fishin'

Two weeks ago my buddy Jason and I went north into Wyoming for quick fly fishing trip. This was my first trip to Wyoming and, although it was a short trip, Wyoming gave quite a good impression. Fast highways, low population, friendly people and incredible fishing! Our destination was the Grey Reef section of the North Platte, with a full day guided float. We arrived Thursday evening in Casper to meet up with Ric, a friend and colleague of Jason. And let me tell you how cool of a guy Ric is.  We met him in Casper and then followed him up to the dam where his sweet motor home was all set up for Jason and I to stay in that night. He had it fully loaded with food, pop, beer and liquor. If that’s not hospitality, I don’t know what is!

After getting settled in we fished right below the dam for about an hour.  Jason was able to land one and none for me, but that’s fine because this trip was all about Friday’s float. For dinner Ric took us down to Sunset Bar and Grill and boy do they have some delicious bar food! Nothing beats a juicy cheeseburger, fries and a cold brew. Once finished with dinner we went back to the motor home, started a campfire and had a couple of drinks. At this point Ric went back to Casper for the night to return in the morning for breakfast and fly fishing.

After a quick night’s sleep Ric and his brother Todd arrived early at the motor home to cook us up an amazing bacon, egg and fried potato breakfast! I can’t express enough what great hosts we had during our short stay. We finished up our grub, chugged some coffee, packed up some beers and snacks, then met up with the guides. Time to fish!

My second first on this trip was fly fishing on a drift boat down a river. Ric hooked us up with two guides from Wyoming Anglers based in Casper. Jason and I were paired with Oliver and Ric and Todd were on Kody’s boat. These guys were friendly, knowledgeable, and just over all cool dudes! Because it was both our first time fly fishing from a drift boat, when we got on the water Oliver gave us some quick instruction on line management, where we would be casting from the boat, how to stand, etc. Right after that, probably within the first 10 minutes, Jason and I were on fish with our first hookup being a double! It didn’t slow down much after that. We landed close to 50 rainbows and probably missed/lost almost as many. I’d definitely recommend Oliver as a guide to anyone who wants to float the North Platte. He knew that river like that back of his hand.

Visiting a cool place with some cool people and fly fishing all day down an amazing river made for a great 24 hours! I will definitely be back there. Anyway that’s enough text. Check out some pictures from the trip below. Stay Fly.

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